Jason Slater

EXECUTIVE: Jason Slater
TITLE: Partner
EDUCATION: Reading University, L.L.D. & Georgetown University, J.D.

The Members and Partners of Rossway Swan are pleased to announce Jason Slater as partner.

For Jason Slater, working as part of a cohesive team to confront challenges comes naturally. The newest partner at Rossway Swan enjoys helping clients consider their options in innovative ways, as well as helping to drill down to the root cause of unique issues they face. “You might have a tire leak, which you could just patch to solve the immediate problem, but I think it’s more important to determine what caused the leak in the first place, and how to avoid it in the future,” Slater explains. “Sometimes the right answers are not the easy ones, but I like to bring a big-picture solution to the table that will help clients in the long run.”

An appreciation for the bigger picture is what led Slater, after several years working in Los Angeles in corporate law and litigation representing clients on a wide spectrum of legal matters ranging from private and public company securities transactions to product liability litigation, to embark on a seven-year stint as a firefighter with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. “My boss at the time in LA was very inspiring to me both professionally and personally,” he says. “In addition to being a partner in a large law firm, he worked on a search and rescue team, and that really strengthened my belief in the idea of helping people, both at work and outside the office, as well as my ability to do more than is expected.”

That commitment to excellence and community focus is part of the culture at Rossway Swan, and Slater appreciates the way the team blends the level of legal expertise often found in major cities with the personal care and community investment of a regional law firm. “Three words that would describe our legal team are collaborative, experienced and innovative,” Slater says. “We have a good variety of extremely skilled attorneys here, and I’m privileged to be a part of this group.” ◆