Based out of Titusville, Lorelei and Allan Sprayberry were upset with the diet and eating habits of local children and adults. “I saw how poorly our children eat and what it was doing to their health,” said Lorelei. “We established this company(Sana Vivo) to help pass on better eating habits to not only children, but to adults as well.”

As a former school teacher under the disciplines of health and physical education, Lorelei taught at Titusville High School for 18 years before retiring this past September to tackle the problem head on. Her husband, Allan, became her partner in the creation and operation of a new company. Allan, a school teacher as well, is currently involved part-time, but plans to join his wife full time upon his retirement from the education system.

Their new company, Sana Vivo, provides healthy vending snacks and beverages to businesses, government offices, schools and large companies as a healthy alternative to the traditional snack machine. “People are generally becoming more health conscious,” says Lorelei. As they actively look for healthier snack and drink options in the workplace, Sana Vivo is able to provide employees and customers with the healthy and delicious snacks, drinks and meals that they crave.

“We have something for everybody, and we are really proud of what we do!”

Both snack and beverage based, the offerings in a Sana Vivo vending machine include Veggie Straws, Skinny Pop, Chex Mix, a healthier version of beef jerky, Goldfish, protein cookies, fruit snacks, Kind Bars, Cliff Bars, Luna Bars and much more. Their beverages include water, protein drinks, Propel Fitness Water, Bai, and low calorie G2. The available offerings also include items that are GMO free, kosher, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and low-fat. Vending options can also be customized by partners that reserve machines with the company. This healthy alternative for schools and businesses also works to help lower rising healthcare costs and promote a healthier, more productive environment.

With snacks and beverages located in one frame, the machines are set up as a dual machine. This makes them very compact and economical to operate. With a footprint similar to that of a small refrigerator, the compact size can still hold over 300 items. These high-tech machines also make service much easier. The Sprayberrys get mobile report updates when items get vended or issues come up. This makes restocking and maintenance much easier to handle and much more efficient. The machines take cash, credit card, atm card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and just about every major provider.

“We’re really excited about it. We love the products that we sell, and we stand by them. We put our heart and soul into it and do everything we can to make the client happy.”

The Sprayberrys are looking to focus on the space industry as they continue to expand in the area. Stemming from their years as educators, they are focused on the school systems to foster better eating habits among children,. They are currently looking to enter Volusia County Schools and then move to Brevard County Schools once Allan retires. “Being a former school teacher, the education system is of high interest to me,” says Lorelei.

The Sprayberrys also attend many of the events hosted by the Titusville Chamber. They feel that it helps grow their connection to the community. In addition to a focus in improving the health of individuals, they are also dedicated to helping by volunteering with local organizations. On one occasion, they packed bagged lunch meals for needy children that don’t have meals on the weekends. Through their various efforts, this proactive couple wants to “spread the wealth” of health.


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