The Business Acceleration Summit is gearing up for a two-day event from June 22-23 at the Oceanfront Crown Plaza in Indialantic, Florida. The event will consist of panel discussions, a gourmet dinner and more.

Earnest Chu, Berny Dohrmann, Shannon Gronich-Burnett and Keith Leon are four highly respectable and anticipated keynote speakers scheduled to speak and mentor attendees. SCB Marketing CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Piersall and Strategy Officer Lyle Smith will be participating sponsors in the panel discussion.

“We’re excited to be a part of such a significant event for businesses and business leaders throughout our region,” Lyle said.

Piersall and Smith look forward to discuss Florida’s growing economy due to successful entrepreneurial ventures and small and medium sized businesses in the central Florida region that are ultimately improving the livelihoods for all Floridians.

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