Scott BuresCompany:  Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.

Title:  Business Development Representative

Education:  Auburn University, BEE,
Electrical Engineering

Florida Institute of Technology,

Years in Area: 38

Years in Industry: 38


Scott Bures describes his approach to his current role as business development representative for the Brevard County office of Universal Engineering Sciences with his trademark transparency: “It was never my style to simply sell someone another part for a jet airplane. I was never afraid to admit I knew a lot less about prospects’ businesses than they did. I always tell customers I want them to teach me about what they do.”

It is this honesty and willingness to learn from everyone he meets that has kept him at the top of his field for decades.

After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in electrical engineering, Bures relocated to Florida in 1980, where he studied macroeconomics at Florida Institute of Technology. Since then, he has consistently held positions that allow him to combine his extensive knowledge of engineering with his talent for communication and sales.

With decades of experience under his belt, Bures approaches his role at Universal Engineering Sciences — selling engineering services to executives who may have an engineering mindset — in a very different way. While traditional sales approaches can sometimes be effective, Bures has found his strength in not attempting to compete with prospects’ technical knowledge base, but by trying to understand what motivates them.

“I try to sell psychologically, not necessarily logically,” he explained. “If I think Universal does something that will benefit their company, I’ll present the idea to them.”

With a strong understanding of marketing and sales within the aerospace, technology and military sectors, Bures is comfortable working in the booming market of Brevard County. He is proud to call the Space Coast home and excited about the potential that lies in the diversified future of the area. When he is not at work, he is tuned into the music scene of the Space Coast, songwriting and playing trumpet “tableside” during regular gigs at Squid Lips in Melbourne.