Music garden with Ibex Puppetry

By Shawna Serig Kelsch

When we think of sustainability, collectively as a society, most thoughts gravitate towards solar energy, clean fuels and innovative building materials.

However, when you apply the definition to artistic endeavors, sustainability takes on a whole different meaning. Art has been a way of reflecting the past, imagining the future and depicting the present for years to come.

Art can also be a tool for interpreting and exploring other ideas. This is part of the idea behind “The Art of Sustainability,” a temporary art exhibition first opened in March and continuing through April 23 with large-scale kinetic sculptures at Palm Bay City Hall, 120 Malabar Road SE.

Following an exciting Family Fun Day in March which featured performances by the extraordinary IBEX Puppetry – founded by the youngest daughter of famed Muppet puppeteer, Jim Henson – Ibex is focused on artistic spectacle and outreach associated with environmental issues. Family Fun Day also featured a series of “Green Talks” by nationally noted speakers and the show continues with an exhibition of kinetic sculptures that will delight and pique the interest of children and adults, while encouraging dialogue and debate about the natural environment – and issues surrounding the Indian River Lagoon.

Presented by Brevard Cultural Alliance (BCA), this exhibit continues to engage the community with the arts in exciting, new and innovative ways. It isn’t art for art’s sake – rather, it is the arts as facilitator for change, according to Neil Levine, director of BCA.

The BCA has been an active participant in the community using the arts as a catalyst for sustainability and growth; their most recent economic impact study found that Brevard’s cultural sector contributes over $125 million in total sales, 1,537 full- and part-time jobs and adding $71.3 million to the county’s GDP annually.

Brevard Cultural Alliance is the representative organization for the arts and cultural sector on the Space Coast. The mission of the Brevard Cultural Alliance is to build and sustain a dynamic and vibrant arts and cultural sector integral to Brevard County’s quality of life.

The BCA works to build the cultural sector by:

  • Advancing Brevard as a cultural destination
  • Cultivating sustainability and growth for Brevard’s cultural sector
  • Implementation of high-quality arts education initiatives

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