The Truths about Making Connections

by Scott Brazdo


Social Media Myth #1: Bigger Is Always Better

The number of Facebook fans your business has does not matter if you aren’t engaging them in an effective way.  Big brands like to boast about the numbers of fans or friends they have on Facebook, but it will be more effective for their business if they start focusing on the engagement of the audience.


Think of it this way: if you gave a speech in front of 10,000 people, but completely bombed, was that an effective speech?  Without effective delivery, information – no matter how fantastic – will fall on deaf ears.  We have to engage our audiences, give them information they want to hear, and not tirelessly attempt to sell our products on a daily basis.


On average, just 6 percent of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook page via likes, comments, polls and other means.  Of those fans that engage, the average engagement was the equivalent of less than one ‘like’ over the course of the eight weeks.


Super Fans

What really drives the engagement on a brand’s page appears to be the core group of devoted fans – what we call “super fans.”  On average, the engagement of each one of a brand’s 20 most engaged fans is equal to that of 75 average fans.  Each month, the average super fan likes 10 posts, shares five pieces of content and comments once.  What’s more, these fans tend to get significantly more likes and comments on their posts than average fans, which helps drive up engagement on the brand’s page even more.


Just because your Facebook page doesn’t have 1,000 fans doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.  The success of your social media page depends on the number of customers you are reaching on a personal level.  If you are at least engaging in a conversation with your customers, then you are already ahead of many major brands that just have thousands of fans.  People don’t care about who has the most likes, they care about what shows up in their news feed and whether or not they feel your company is relatable.  So stop counting numbers and start figuring out how to best engage your Facebook fans!


Social Media Myth #2: Businesses Can’t Use Images on Social Media

We’re all aware that Social Media has joined the visual revolution of consumers wanting to “watch” or “see” content, rather than read it.


Imagery should be used to enhance social media channels that you are already using, as well as to introduce your brand to new sites like Pinterest and Instagram that are more exclusively image-focused.  When you are using Facebook, you can enhance your status updates or posts by attaching pictures.  Try out different approaches and see what works for your business.  By determining what is most liked, commented on, and shared, you will know with what your followers enjoy engaging.


Another great way to connect with your followers and increase the images posted on your page, is to encourage your followers to share an original photo of their own.  This will engage them and create a conversation between your customers and your business.


Social Media Myth #3: Twitter Doesn’t Work

Although many people might not count Twitter as a viable marketing resource, you might want to reconsider that thought.  A report from eMarketer estimated that Twitter will hit $129.7 million in U.S. mobile ad revenues this year compared to $72 million for Facebook.


Twitter has over 140 million users and sees about 340 million tweets per day.  Business Insider recently ranked Whole Foods as the top brand on Twitter.  They currently have almost 3 million followers and tweet to their customers to get feedback on what customers like and what they wish was different.


The more passionate you are about your company and your brand, the more your followers will want to engage with you.  People are intrigued by the human voice behind your brand and, especially if you are a big company, they find it easier to connect to you via social media outlets.


Many people who don’t use Twitter don’t understand its usefulness and how it allows you to connect to people in a whole different way than Facebook.  I was reluctant to hop on the Twitter train, but now that I have I don’t plan on getting off anytime soon.


No matter what your social media weapon of choice is, the bottom line is interacting with your customers and engaging them via social media is a sure-fire way to grow your fan base and keep them for a long, long time.


Scott BrazdoScott Brazdo is the CEO and co-founder of Black Tie Digital Marketing, which works with companies throughout the U.S. to create and enhance their Internet marketing strategy.  For more information, visit