USA, Rockledge, FL – January 25, 2011-SolTec Electronics is a woman-owned small business on Florida’s Space Coast, which specializes in procuring and testing obsolete and long lead-time board-level IC’s and aerospace components for electronic manufacturing clients.  They have been on a steady and explosive growth path since opening their doors in mid-2008.  There are no signs of slowing down either, as they have just signed a lease addendum doubling their office and warehouse space to make room for additional inventory and staff this year.  SolTec Electronics provides the personal service and flexibility of a small company while offering the capabilities and support of a large company, making them a force to be reckoned with in their industry.

A true entrepreneur story, Dawn Gluskin, SolTec Electronics founder and CEO started the company out of her living room back in mid-2008, shortly after her daughter was born.  “I felt really motivated to build this business for my family,” says Dawn.  “I enjoyed working for others, but always knew I would eventually do my own thing.  I was the nerdy employee that was always in the boss’s office with my next great idea,” jokes Dawn.  “It was only a matter of time before I took off and did my own thing.”  Extremely self-motivated with a long, successful track record in the electronic industry, it was no surprise that she started her own company.  Still, the growth rate is quite impressive, especially in a down economy and with a new baby in tow.

In 2009, Dave Gluskin ended his 15+ year stint in Human Resources and recruiting and joined Dawn in the family business as VP of Operations.  They moved into an office space, hired their first employees and the company grew 800{099636d13cf70efd8d812c6f6a5a855fb6f8f27f35bea282d2df1d5ae896e2c2} in revenue over 2008’s start-up year.  In 2010, the company grew another 400{099636d13cf70efd8d812c6f6a5a855fb6f8f27f35bea282d2df1d5ae896e2c2} over 2009’s number and they doubled their staff size to 11+ employees.  There is absolutely no sign of slowing down either.  They just hired another full-time sales rep this month and are about to unroll a new independent rep program. They intend to hire a new full-time rep each quarter as well as additional support staff throughout 2011. SolTec just purchased a truckload of excess inventory and they just signed a lease to double their office and warehouse space in Rockledge, FL.  Brevard County, in the midst of the space program ending, has over 11{099636d13cf70efd8d812c6f6a5a855fb6f8f27f35bea282d2df1d5ae896e2c2} unemployment and a hard-hit housing market, so it’s a true story of inspiration to hear of a local company with such success.

Last year, SolTec Electronics revealed their new state-of-the-art laboratory where they perform IC decapsulation and electrical testing as a pioneer in the anti-counterfeit efforts in the industry.  Their efforts are paying off as they have landed some major accounts and have made some headway in the government contracting realm.  Two strategic hires last year were Don Davis, decapsulation technician who has nearly a decade of failure analysis experience under his belt & is a former aircraft engineer & Lockheed employee, and Mike Rietzel, former VP of L-3 Communications with over 35 years of experience in project management, system engineering & DoD contracting, who is heading up their government contracting and certification efforts.

Dawn Gluskin sits on the G-19 committee which is developing the new aerospace standard for detecting counterfeit electronic components and is a member of the Space Coast chapter of SMTA.  She was also a 2009 winner of the Make Mine a Million Dollar Business program.  SolTec Electronics is active in Brevard County charities, including employee volunteer programs.

2011 should be another stellar growth year for SolTec Electronics as January sales are already up 300{099636d13cf70efd8d812c6f6a5a855fb6f8f27f35bea282d2df1d5ae896e2c2} over December, and most analysts predict a strong year for the semiconductor and electronic component sectors.  With their new programs and initiatives in place, the company is positioned to do over $5 million in 2011 revenues.

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