Sonic Leadership with Christian Tamburr

Date: October 21

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Gleason Performing Arts Center

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Christian2Christian Tamburr, Florida Institute of Technology’s music artist in residence, will present a unique event that shows how music and storytelling can inspire and invigorate your workplace and business.

Called Sonic Leadership, the event will introduce an innovative approach to business and leadership through creativity and the arts. Running from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Oct. 21 at the Gleason Performing Arts Center on the Florida Tech campus, the event is free and open the public, though an RSVP is required to secure tickets.

The musically inspired presentation will also include special guest speakers from Cisco Systems and Google as well as shuttle astronaut and Navy Capt. Winston Scott, Florida Tech’s senior vice president for external relations and economic development.

The evening will begin on a musical note, with a song from Tamburr’s jazz quartet. It will proceed from there with an examination and description of ‘sonic leadership’ that will also feature band members. “My goal for this first segment is to have our audience look at unique parallels relating to trust, risk, and an ever changing environment in order to deliver a high-level product,” Tamburr said.

Speakers from Cisco and Google will follow. Scott will then close out the event with his appearance.

Shaina Savastano Tamburr, involved in worldwide sales at Cisco, will talk about storytelling and its value when connecting to a group of employees or an audience in general. She will discuss using action and emotion to create something dynamic from something static, such as information on a page.

Google’s Daniel Raynaud, a product manager, will talk about how certain elements of the Google workplace are critical to its success. Those include the company’s weekly all-employee meetings with leadership, where tough questions are encouraged and answered fully, and the notion of ‘moonshots.’ Those are long-term but important goals and projects the company encourages its employees to pursue.

And finally, Capt. Scott will talk about spontaneity and improvisation and how great leaders must think on their feet.


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