It’s All about ‘Famiglia’

Sisters Grace Ruano and Rose Cally began Sorelli Hair Studio & Spa with just three stylists and a six-month timeline “to see what happened.”  Through word-of-mouth and a following of loyal clients, the salon needed to expand services to accommodate its growing clientele.  Now, after only a year and a half, with twenty employees and an expanded spa area offering facials and massages, they are looking to move into an even bigger space.

Their business philosophy is simple: create a friendly place where clients would feel comfortable, enjoy being there and leave satisfied with the service.  So far, they’ve found success.  “We have clients who tell us they don’t want to leave,” Ruano says.  “They offer to fold towels so they don’t have to go home!”

Opposites that Attract

The sisters describe themselves as opposite personalities that just work.  “One’s strength is the other’s weakness,” Cally explains.  But both promised each other that the business would not affect their relationship.  Even the name of the salon has a special meaning; the word “sorelli” means sister in Italian.  Originally from Long Island, NY, each moved here 11 years ago but hadn’t planned on opening a business. “It just evolved; we didn’t really plan it,” Cally says.

Their number one priority remains their clients and creating a sense of family – or “famiglia” – as if they were invited into their own home, a philosophy that includes the staff.  Both owners “do it all,” including laundry and sweeping the floors.  “Some owners can’t understand what it is like to be behind the chair. We were never happy anywhere else because we felt like we could do more and do better,” Cally recalls.

Now, they are happy with the atmosphere they’ve created and their team.

“For us, the key to success is loving what you do. You spend more time at work then you do at home with your kids,” Cally says.  “You need to be satisfied and feel you’re making a difference.”

“Your heart and soul has to be in it,” adds Ruano. “Give it all you got.”