EXECUTIVE:  Jennifer Nifakos, president & CEO


LOCATION: Melbourne



Space Coast Lighting LLC is the parent company of DIYLEDStore.com and represents the commercial side of this woman-owned LED lighting business. They engage with businesses of all sizes, both new and old, that want to upgrade their lighting to energy-efficient LEDs. “We are currently submitting proposals on everything from a new urgent care facility in Lake Nona to a historic church in Apopka,” said Jennifer Nifakos, president and CEO.

Space Coast Lighting offers free consultations to business owners who want to explore the option of new LED fixtures versus retrofit lighting options. They have recently expanded their product offering to include a variety of high quality commercial LED products, many of which are manufactured in Orlando. Nifakos believes that the value proposition that LED lighting represents to small business is undeniable and is now very accessible to the market. The company continues to sell residential lighting on their website and one of their short-term goals is to partner with Space Coast home builders to provide a “green” LED lighting package option for new construction homes. This is an exciting venture as they expand in both the residential and commercial markets to bring LED lighting to the Space Coast.