Alyssa anelliCOMPANY: SpaceCoast Living
TITLE: Production Coordinator
EDUCATION: University of Central Florida, Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication, 2017

When SpaceCoast Living Production Coordinator Alyssa Anelli initially joined the company as an intern in August 2017, she was immediately struck by the supportive and calm atmosphere in the office. “The entire team at SpaceCoast Living was so willing to provide guidance,” she says. “And even though everyone is very busy with their own projects, the collaboration between colleagues and departments is amazing. It’s definitely a special place to work.” After a brief internship, Anelli was hired as a production coordinator, responsible for overseeing every step in the process of getting SpaceCoast Living from planning to print each month. “Alyssa essentially acts as an air traffic controller, managing editorial and advertising space as well as the production, design, print and circulation,” says Mallorie Ann Ingram, managing editor. “Her role requires an exceptional degree of organization to manage multiple deadlines and projects, along with the ability to communicate with every team involved in the publication process. Anelli is an integral part of our success at SpaceCoast Living.” When she’s not reviewing design plans for SpaceCoast Living, Anelli enjoys trying out new local restaurants, watching movies, and visiting the Canova Dog Beach in Indialantic with her treeing Walker coonhound, Oliver, and her newly-adopted cocker spaniel/labrador retriever mix, Georgia. ◆