While ASAP Pest Solutions aims to work quickly, it also spends plenty of time building community.

Ask Shelley Kuhn if she has seen changes in her industry and she won’t hesitate to respond.

Kuhn began in the pest control industry in April 1989, spraying baseboards with harsh chemicals. Now such treatments are friendly — for the environment, children and pets. The term is “environmentally conscious pest control services.”

Also, Kuhn will say that the region has grown by leaps and bounds, with noticeable expansion everywhere from Kennedy Space Center to all the way along Interstate 95.

One thing, however, hasn’t changed much over the years, according to Kuhn: the nature of Palm Bay and surrounding areas. She describes it as being both comforting and hospitable. And for the certified operator of ASAP Pest Solutions Inc., locally-owned and -operated since 2013, that is just fine.

“Really, the fabric hasn’t changed much, although there has been so much growth,” Kuhn noted. “Palm Bay is a very warm community, close-knit.”

It’s the type of setting that bodes well for business, and ASAP Pest Solutions has enjoyed success.

“Everyone has to have pest control. If they don’t, then they’re living with bugs,” she says, adding that “pest control is essential and not a luxury.” Her approach is, “How can I help?”

How Can I Help

Notably, as an example of service, along with free estimates and customized solutions, the company can provide pre-purchase and pre-refinance pest inspections accompanied by official paperwork such as the FDACS-13645 Florida State and NPMA-33 HUD forms. A copy of the inspection report is promised to the closing company and lending institution the same day as the inspection. As for the pests, they encompass everything from ants and roaches to rats and bats. For good measure, there’s a free lawn and ornamental evaluation, too.

Yet, mostly, the company’s commitment to the community tells a story beyond business. Kuhn serves on the board of the Palm Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, while senior staffer Debbie Lloyd-Lee co-chairs the chamber’s ambassador efforts and attends “about 95 percent” of the chamber’s events, according to Kuhn.

“Anytime they [chamber leaders] ask, we’re there to help,” Kuhn noted.

Kuhn believes the commitment is good business, for sure, but also the neighborly thing to do.

“I didn’t join the chamber to grow my bottom line. I joined the chamber for building relationships, and then, down the road, when you build relationships, things do come back to you,” she concluded. “But the whole point of joining the chamber is to be part of the community and make the community the best.”