TEACHERS:  Daune Ellis,

(Left to Right) Sherry Bergeron, Alison Olivieri

FOUNDED:  1956

LOCATION:  Cocoa Village, FL

WEBSITE:  www.stmarksacademy.org

At St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy, students receive not only an exceptional learning experience, but also a unique interaction that provides them with life lessons to support them throughout their entire academic and professional career.

“The school is so accepting,” said fifth and sixth grade language arts/social studies teacher, Daune Ellis. “They aren’t just coming in, sitting down, doing the lessons and taking the test at the end. It’s much more interesting than that.”

Students are able to explore the community and have a hands-on experience at St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy, with a creative, fun approach to learning. One example is through the school’s frequent field trips throughout Cocoa Village, the county and the state.

“We have small class sizes and daily physical exercise for 40 minutes a day, which you don’t see in many places,” said first and second grade math and science teacher Alison Olivieri.

“The support we get from the parents makes a big difference.”

St. Mark’s is committed to best practices, deeply rooted in research, to develop its academic programs. Additionally, the St. Mark’s culture is rich in tradition. Students participate in events such as Alumni Day, Storybook Dress Up Day, Advent in Song, Book Buddies, Academy of the Arts, Valentine’s Day Dance, Blessing of the Animals, Grandparent’s Day, May Day and Field Day, to mention a few.

“If we as teachers think of ideas or projects to enhance our curriculum, we do it,” said full-time STEAM Lab teacher  Sherry Bergeron.

Students attend science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics lab at least once a week, and the teachers integrate those subjects into the classroom in a very significant way. Students also participate in Spanish, Latin, music and art classes in addition to the core academic program and have their own Chromebooks to further enhance their educational experience.