As owner of Viera Tax Consulting, Stacie Gosnell believes that accurate tax preparation is about so much more than crunching numbers. She and her team understand that having a strong working knowledge of tax law and building strong relationships with clients is the most effective way to prepare taxes and provide audit help. With a client-first emphasis, Gosnell leverages her background in tax compliance and years of working with the IRS to apply tax law to each client’s unique situation. The result is a practical approach that allows viera-taxher to offer insights clients typically can’t get from online tax software, part-time preparers, or big box firms. She is licensed by the IRS with the agency’s highest credential, qualifying her to prepare complex individual and business tax returns and advocate for clients undergoing audits. Years of experience lets her team navigate the ever-changing arena of tax law so clients can focus on what matters to them, whether it’s enjoying life or building their bottom line.

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