Making a Difference in Brevard

With the ongoing sober national economy, Florida, and particularly Brevard County, is witnessing a surge in entrepreneurial development.  Some economists are suggesting we are in a viral wave of new startups.

Brevard Community College is in the forefront of this effort and entering the third year of its award-winning Academic Entrepreneurship Program, consisting of college credit certificates in specific skill-building business techniques.  Earned course credits fold into the Associate’s Degree, but students have the option to take the full program (25 hours) or just the areas of expertise they need.

Many successful entrepreneurs provide classroom guest lectures, share ideas, and provide student support.  And, the faculty instructional team has grown to eleven members.  The origination for the overall program began when former BCC trustee, Bernie W. Simpkins, provided a generous endowment to bring successful speakers to the college in 2001 – SCB Marketing CEO Jeff Piersall has been a speaker.

Here are a few samples of the scholastic outcomes from recent participating students:

Michelle Bostick: First Graduate and owner/founder of Shelley’s Tax Services – Titusville

“I gained confidence because of the relevant information taught in the business courses I completed……”

George Miller: President/CEO, Miller Media Group, Inc.

“The program has been indispensable in helping me to start-up and run my business.”

Alvene Watson: Former Student, investigating several venture prospects

“Without practical business skills, the ‘idea’ will never evolve into a success.  This very cost efficient program provides the path to make that transition.”

Angela Jackson: Program Graduate and founder of the Christian Café (in development)

“If you are serious, this course is for you…the instructors will guide you every step of the way.”

Jonathan McFadden: Co-Founder, The Viera Studio for the Performing Arts

“I believe the arts can add value and confidence to any young person’s life helping those to become a more productive, creative, and well-rounded adult no matter what career path they choose.  I am keeping my fingers crossed in hope that BCC may offer a four year degree in Entrepreneurship.”

Christina Perdicaro: Creator of Perdi Pants and continuing student

“I came back to school after 10 years and I am looking forward to getting my certificate in Entrepreneurship.”

An Entrepreneurship Event you should Attend!

The Fall 2012 B.W. Simpkins Business Seminar for Entrepreneurship Development will feature Joseph A.  Duda, previous CEO of The Viera Company and retired CEO of A. Duda & Sons, Viera’s parent company.  Duda will be the keynote speaker at the King Center on BCC’s Entrepreneurship Day, November 13, and at the BCC Cocoa Campus on November 14.  Each day’s presentation begins at 11:00 a.m. and admission is free to the public.

Dr. J. Patrick Fuller is a Professor of Economics and College-wide Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator, based at Brevard Community College’s Cocoa Campus. Contact him at (321) 433-504 for more information about the program.