Research and personal experience both confirm that in the mathematics of synergy, one quickly moves from arithmetic, to geometric progressions, where potential can become something exponential. As author Steven Covey said, “Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand! It’s the profound result when two or more respectful human beings determine to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge.”

All businesses and economies are built on the principle of collaboration and interdependence, but on occasion, professional synergy moves to a unique level. This is the case with Steven Terry of Melbourne based Sena-Tech and Nicholas Roney of Veytec.

Terry’s company is one of the area’s leading contractors for system design and installation of structured cabling, access controls, intrusion detection, video surveillance and audio/video systems. Veytec is an IT infrastructure and services firm, locally representing Cisco Systems, the industry leading vendor of technical integration equipment from the Data Center to Collaboration and Network Security. By finding ways to work together and leverage the synergy found in complimentary skillsets, Sena-Tech and Veytec are able to offer and deliver complete, end-to-end technology solutions from the data center all the way to phones, video and security devices.

“What Sena-Tech offers, Veytec doesn’t, and what Veytec offers, Sena-Tech doesn’t” Terry said. Adding, “Between our complimentary expertise, along with a focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, the dynamic of our partnership has worked really well.” According to Roney, Veytec and Sena-Tech are very similar in size and approach. “We are both locally concentrated and very relationally driven, while bringing state of the art technologies and business solutions to our clients,” he said.

Being “relationally driven” means that each company spends a lot of time listening and getting to know the needs and expectations of the customer before deciding which customized solutions to implement. When it is a campus as large and complex as Mike Erdman’s new Nissan and Toyota dealership, located where 520 intersects with I-95, the challenges are considerable. Their experience, of working not only with the client, but with the general contractor – in this case MH Williams – becomes paramount. This hands-on approach also allows both local partners to deliver tailored and specific solutions for each complex project.

It is not the first time the companies have teamed together. Last year, Pirtek – an international hydraulic hose company – opened its national headquarters in Rockledge. It is a state of the art 120,000 square foot facility on a 10-acre site, which is the base for its U.S. operations. Again, Sena-Tech, Veytec and the general contractor worked together to produce a center where franchisees from around the country come, along with being their national distribution center.

Roney came to Veytec after serving as an intelligence officer with the U.S. Army Special Forces. It was an experience that trained him to analyze copious amounts of data, before making recommendations that could put Soldiers in harm’s way. It is a skill set that has bridged into his current profession quite well.

After his Army career, he was trained by an organization founded by a former head of sales for Cisco, which works exclusively with veterans to provide them a fast-track to an Account Executive position. He then went to Veytec. “We are, what is referred to as, ‘a value-added reseller,’” Roney explained, “serving in that integration space between what vendors (such as Cisco) can supply and what a client needs. Our engineers and I do extensive discovery of the network and the organization, then work with the clients to produce a uniquely tailored and cost-effective solution for their company.”

For instance, in the Pirtek facility, there were multiple conference rooms, which used four or five different types of Cisco collaboration gear tailored to meet the specific requirements of that room. As companies have more and more employees working remotely, as well as many needing global access, Veytec supplies the technology and Sena-Tech provides expert Project Management and installation to produce – among other things – board and conference rooms that have full audio/video displays and cameras that even move to track the person who is talking.

When Mike Erdman moved his car dealership from Merritt Island out to I-95 in Cocoa, he wanted his customers to have an experience they couldn’t find anywhere else. That vision can be seen in everything from the car tower, which is visible from the interstate, to the technology that enhances the customer, sales and service experience, along with the technology that facilitates the dealer’s operations.

“When the project was moving forward, we started reaching out to different vendors for the IT solutions we needed. We wanted a team who could provide the network, phone systems, low voltage cabling, security cameras, access card readers, etc. Sena-Tech and Veytec came highly recommended, especially by MH Williams, and offered that complete solution” Jonathan Bonnett, Mike Erdman Auto Group’s IT Manager said.

Bonnett went on to say that the two companies “seemed to know exactly what we wanted and anticipated our needs.” Through their experience with other locations, the Erdman Group had a number of ideas and Sena-Tech and Veytec came back with solutions that exactly fit their requirements.

“From an IT perspective, the system they designed and implemented is very easy to manage,” Bonnett said. “It is a lifesaver for me,” he added, “I can manage the networks on or off site. It is all cloud based; with features you just can’t find from other manufacturers.”

On major projects, like the Toyota and Nissan dealership, the buck ultimately stops with the general contractor, who oversees all elements of the construction process, in this case MH Williams Construction Group. Even if a subcontractor is to blame for a problem, the client always defaults to the general contractor to make it right.

Fortunately, Steve Terry of Sena-Tech and Mike Williams Jr., the vice president of MH Williams, have known each other personally and professionally for a number of years. This has led to collaborating on several projects, including facilities for Embraer and Satcom Direct.

“I really like Steve’s approach,” Williams said. “He and his team are extremely professional, well prepared and always delivering on time. Plus, you can tell they stay abreast of the ever- evolving technology which clients are looking for.” Williams added that Terry is also skilled at interfacing with a client to discover their needs and is quick to recognize when additional experts in the industry are needed. Then he will bring in experts, like Veytec, who can address specific desires or questions the client has.

“There are an immense number of options customers can choose from. It is great having someone like Steve, who is local, who can meet with the client and work with them from concept, through installation, to testing and then being fully operational,” Williams said.
More and more, whether it is a corporate headquarters or a place where clients are making purchase decisions, the goal is to create environments where technology and human interaction produce a productive, memorable and pleasant experience. The only way to generate that connection, is the same type of synergy seen in talented musical groups, where each musician’s special expertise is blended together to create that unique/harmonious combination. This is what Sena-Tech and Veytec have been able to deliver.

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