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Chef Ramsay’s Recipe for Leadership

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Steps in the Art of Corporate Turnaround by Kathleen Rich-New The most dreaded question around my house is, “What’s for dinner?” So I find it ironic to be hooked on a BBC America TV cooking show and writing about it….

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There Is Cause to Celebrate!

Business, Development

Recognizing Our Economic Progress by Robert Whelen While the economy continued to fluctuate this year, the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast continued to produce results. Some paint a cautionary tale of a stagnant economy with no signs of…

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How important is it to Brevard County? by Melissa Stains Last year, 2.5 million overnight and an additional 2.6 million daytime tourists visited the Space Coast, impacting the Brevard County economy to the tune of $2.8 billion.  The total number…

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Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

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How to Develop an Effective Marketing Plan by Jeff Piersall Internet, TV, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, coupons, promotions, events, etc. – the list gets longer and the options more diversified when developing a marketing strategy. A clear marketing plan is…

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Investing in the Future

Business, Development, Talent Pipeline

Internships Help Develop Tomorrow’s Workforce by Lisa deCordova For businesses of all sizes these days, the search to cut costs is an ongoing process in the face of a challenging economic climate.  Over the past few years, one area where…

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Creating Retirement Wealth

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Your Business’s Intellectual Property May Be Its Greatest Asset by Kelly Swartz Many small business owners facing retirement are also faced with the decision of whether or not to sell the business. While this decision presents different struggles for every…

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Making Permitting a ‘S.N.A.P.’

Business, Development

Creating A More Business-Friendly Enviroment By Michael H. Williams We are navigating through a transitioning business landscape in Brevard County. With changes in sight, there are many people who are focused on the future, looking to fortify our resources and…

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Short Drives to Retirement

Business, Money

Check It Out Before You Check Out By Victoria Northrup Now that my Boomer friends are winding down from their climb up the corporate ladder, our casual discussions about work and money have turned to how best to manage finances,…

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Want to Retire Some Day?

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Take Personal Responsibility and Stop Relying on the Government By Jeff Piersall Retirement worthy idea, not” – Yoda. From where did the concept of retirement actually come? Interestingly, the German culture was the first economy to introduce the concept of…