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Want Smarter, More Accurate Forecasting?


Then Optimize Your Accounting Practices  When it comes to running a business, the owner is most likely constantly tracking, monitoring, projecting and anticipating data, especially with regard to funding and cash flow. For any organization, the financial status and flow…

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Going Forward by Stepping Back!


Surprising Advice on How to Get Ahead  Here is a simple but troubling truth: Most bosses reach a certain level of proficiency and stop there — short of what they could and should be. Organizations usually have a few great…

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The Seven Deadly Sins…


…of Early-Stage Funding Requests In The Art of Bootstrapping, Guy Kawasaki said, “The probability of an entrepreneur getting venture capital is the same as getting struck by lightning while standing at the bottom of a swimming pool on a sunny…

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Endurance to Succeed


It Takes Character to Endure the Climb Necessary to Achieve Your Dreams When asked the first requirement for success, Thomas Edison replied, “the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.” A.L. Williams, the…

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Social Innovation


New Ways to Work Together Entrepreneurs are working everywhere. While we traditionally associate entrepreneurs with business, we don’t generally associate entrepreneurs with social or civic efforts. In fact, there are a growing number of social entrepreneurs in the news because…

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Beyond Cinco de Mayo


Marketing that Makes Sense to Latinos Year-Round You wouldn’t dream of promoting your services among, say, the elderly, with a pitch that is full of slang and references you picked up from your kids. It also is unlikely that you…

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Women Achievers in a Competitive Market


It’s About Performance and Opportunity, Not Quotas The path to the executive suite is an arduous one. Traveling it successfully takes tenacity, intelligence, vision, skill and maybe even a bit of luck. None of those attributes are gender specific. But…

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A Crisis of Leadership


The C-Level Practices of True Leaders Our nation is in the midst of a severe leadership crisis. At a time when leadership is needed the most, our society’s ability to produce or follow sound leadership is waning. Maybe it is…

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Do You Need a Digital Makeover?


That Was So 2013! In this age of digital technology, your web presence is as important, if not more important, than your offline presence. When a potential customer is researching who to do business with, more often than not, the…

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Mentoring: What IS It?


It is hard to be a member of any company or organization and elude the notion of mentoring.  Not being a fan of labels, I question what it means to be a mentor in these times.  For many of us,…