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SpaceCoast Business SEPTEMBER 2012 ● VOLUME 7 ● NUMBER 6 FEATURES Mike Williams Entrepreneur of the Year   Tom Wienckoski Things Keep Coming Up Roses   John Walden Visualizing Success   Charley Richards Keeping It ‘Absolutely Natural’   Larry Ciaccia…

The Entrepreneur's Spiritual Journey by Jeff Piersall
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The Entrepreneur’s Spiritual Journey


Do You Have Inside You What It Takes to Succeed? The mandatory virtues of an entrepreneur are ACCOUNTABILITY, HUMILITY and a COMPETITIVE SPIRIT. These personal virtues are necessary for the entrepreneurial spirit to be successful. It’s why there is such…

Is Technological Innovation Your MO? by Rick McNeight in SpaceCoast Business Magazine
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Is Technological Innovation Your MO?

Business Technology, Development

Space Coast Offers Plenty of Opportunities for Small Tech Companies Highly specialized technological advancements are being made every day from right here on the Space Coast. While we often hear about these cutting-edge breakthroughs from larger, well-known contractors, Brevard County’s small…

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Student Entrepreneurs

Development, Entrepreneurship

Making a Difference in Brevard With the ongoing sober national economy, Florida, and particularly Brevard County, is witnessing a surge in entrepreneurial development.  Some economists are suggesting we are in a viral wave of new startups. Brevard Community College is…

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Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Mind


The Power of Brain Training Robert Schwartz defined an entrepreneur as a “visualizer” and an “actualizer.” They can visualize something and, when visualized, they see exactly how to make it happen. As a 25-year veteran teacher, I never really considered myself…

Finance by Amy Persaud
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The Keys to Fiscal Literacy


Understanding Financial Statements Whether you are a new investor, a business owner, a manager, an executive, a nonprofit director, or just trying to keep track of your personal finances, understanding how to read and analyze your financial statements will give you…

Are You Nuts? by Dawn Gluskin Published in SpaceCoast Business Magazine
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Are You Nuts?


It Takes a Little Crazy to be an Entrepreneur When considering the common make-up of a successful entrepreneur, all of the important “textbook” qualities come to mind: vision, passion, leadership, perseverance. There’s no denying any of these traits. But truth be…

Googling Education by Matt Frey
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Googling Education


New Apps Enhance Learning In the not so distant past, publishing student work typically required a magnet strong enough to secure a star-adorned sheet of paper against the household refrigerator. A small audience, primarily the immediate family and the occasional…

Best Practice Management
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Learn to Set the RIGHT Goal


…and Watch Your Business Transform In thinking back over the last 28 years of my professional life, I counted over 20 different businesses that I’ve been involved in, either as an employee, consultant, or owner. I was shocked that I…

Is Technological Innovation Your MO? by Rick McNeight in SpaceCoast Business Magazine
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Connecting Generational Leadership

Development, Leadership

A Key to Economic Development Great community leaders are well-rounded citizens who work to engage the next generation by teaching and sharing experiences. The conduit to bringing these two groups together is LEAD Brevard, an organization that, for more than 25…