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Better Brain, Better Job?


Brain Training Can Help You Get an Edge – and a Raise – at Work In an age of mass layoffs, thousands of people applying for two job openings, and perky 20-somethings competing for positions with Boomers, you need an…

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A Role Model at Any Age


Why YPs Make the Best Mentors  It makes sense to think that those brought up in the era of punch cards, might not be the best mentors for teenagers who grew up learning on laptops and who never parted from…

The Entrepreneur's Spiritual Journey by Jeff Piersall
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Discovering the Universal Laws


Keys to Charting Your Destiny ‘‘The achievement of impossible goals is possible as long as the goals and the methods of reaching them do not violate Universal Laws, the Laws of God and the rights of your fellow man.” –…

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Should You Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?


Retirement Plans Need to Factor in Future Healthcare Costs That is a question that is not so easy to answer. Everyone has different circumstances and situations to consider when it comes to long-term care. Many of us believe that we…

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The Basics of Borrowing


How Small Businesses Can Get the Loans They Need Throughout Florida, small businesses account for a big part of our economy. But in recent years, the creation and expansion of businesses have been hindered by a lack of readily available…

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Making the Competition Irrelevant


Taking Advantage of Strategic Planning As far as business books go, Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne has clearly changed the way we see our business. The book focuses on adjusting elements of a business to reach…

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Timeless Principles For Success Do you find yourself in situations where results are not being produced as quickly as you’d like or the results you’re getting just aren’t good results at all? Of course you’ve been there! We all have….

The Entrepreneur's Spiritual Journey by Jeff Piersall
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Don’t Let Them Slip Away


Why We Need to Keep the Nationals Here Writer George Orwell once stated, “Whoever controls the past controls the future, and whoever controls the present controls the past.” In other words, our perspectives on the future are shaped by what…

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Times Change, but Spinoffs Remain


Calculating the Benefits We Have from Space We live in the age of technology and it’s absolutely wonderful. But what we all take for granted is how we got this great technology. My simple opinion is that a major contributor…

Is Technological Innovation Your MO? by Rick McNeight in SpaceCoast Business Magazine
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Making the M.O.S.T. of Technology

Development, Technology

New Training Tools for the Manufacturing Sector In today’s fast-paced world, new automobiles sport high-tech features that make our lives on the road easier and safer. Touch screen navigation systems, back-up cameras, satellite radio and many additional features that were…