brevard business woman

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Natasha Cartagena Spencer


  For many people the saying, “Home is where the heart is,” could not be truer. And while we find comfort inside its walls, it is what is at the center that one can find true purpose and warmth. But…

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Natalie Sellers


For more than 50 years, Parrish Medical Center has been serving the Brevard County community. In that time it has been nationally recognized as one of the top hospitals not only in the region but also throughout the nation. Natalie…

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Kim Rezanka


For some, change is not sought out but rather avoided; while others would simply state that it is inevitable. And for a few, well, they spend their whole lives driven by the passion that comes from the ability to effectuate…

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Laura Chiesman


Why is it that the more successful you are the less time you have for taking care of what’s most important to you? Making financial decisions can be overwhelming and often gets pushed to the back burner of your “To…