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Daytona Rising


A staggering amount of money is being invested to turn one of Central Florida’s hottest tourist areas into an even more spectacular destination that will have year-round appeal to both visitors and local residents.

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Economic Gardening


Ripening the Entrepreneurial Playing Field The Women’s Business Center (WBC) at Florida Tech is a community organization that supports new and established businesses by providing business owners with the support and training needed to generate profitable growth and sustainability to…

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The Importance of a Diversified Economy


Data Shows Significant Gains…in Spite of Losses In late February, the BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) released the 2011 Metropolitan GDP (Gross Domestic Product) estimates and revised the 2000-2010 GDP figures. GDP is a measure of final goods and services…

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TotalCareIt Helps Employers Manage the Trend


When Charles Berry founded TotalCareIT in 2001, his plan was to bring the business practices and services offered at his former South Miami employer, Western Digitech, to the Brevard County market. Once TotalCareIT was off and running, he soon realized…

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Investing in the Future

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Internships Help Develop Tomorrow’s Workforce by Lisa deCordova For businesses of all sizes these days, the search to cut costs is an ongoing process in the face of a challenging economic climate.  Over the past few years, one area where…