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Short Drives to Retirement

Business, Money

Check It Out Before You Check Out By Victoria Northrup Now that my Boomer friends are winding down from their climb up the corporate ladder, our casual discussions about work and money have turned to how best to manage finances,…

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Minding the Gap

Business, Development

Due Diligence Applies to Cultures As local businesses explore the global economy and contemplate broadening their reach, one of the items that might not be at the top of the priority list (but should be) is researching culture and understanding…

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It’s All How You Enter the Room

Business, Management

How to Get Noticed and Why It Matters Several years ago, I went to meeting (without the ubiquitous nametag), sat down, and was asked where I worked.  “The Chamber of Commerce,” I replied, to which the questioner then asked, “Oh,…

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Hitting On All Cylinders

Business, Development

Brevard’s Big Four Continues to Fire Brevard County is fortunate to have four economic engines to power our economy: the Port, the Military, Space and Tourism.  Although unemployment is still high, all four of our “engines” seem to be firing…

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Palm Bay: The City on the Move

Business, Development

Positioning Itself for the Future The first ‘Best Practices’ article that I wrote for Spacecoast Business (March 2010) began with my love affair of the state of Florida.  After trekking around the U.S. for eight years, I concluded that the…

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Different Drummer, Same Band

Business, Management

Building on the Strength of Likenesses and Differences When our Chamber decided more than a year ago to form our own young professionals group, Chamber 2040, we really hadn’t researched the psychology of the under 40 workforce.  Our motivation was…

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Paving the Way for our Future

Business, Development

The St. John’s Heritage Parkway The County Commission room in Viera was packed on April 20th.  Some were holding S.O.S. signs for Save Our Subdivision, and various city and county officials were nervously pacing in the back of the room….

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Chambers Rethink their Scope

Business, Leadership

How Regionalization is Changing Borders When it comes to planning for economic development and growth, Shelley Lauten says we shouldn’t draw the line at the county border. Lauten is president of myregion.org, a seven-county regional development program formed in 1999…