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New Day, New Opportunity

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Leveraging Our Assets as We Redefine There is a secret here in the Space Coast – a hidden treasure, an unpolished jewel.  What’s that secret?  We are intrinsically suited for “green businesses.”  Where else can a company find transportable skills,…

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Whose Big Idea Was This?

Business, Management

It Doesn’t Matter Unless You Take Action In the past couple of months, I’ve found myself conversing with people who were more than a little upset over the fact that they conceived an idea and did not receive what they…

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What’s Your Business Outlook for 2011?

Business, Management

Don’t Just Work In Your Business, Work On It! Chambers of Commerce are independent organizations, but we all have the same goal: maximizing the success of our businesses. Each chamber might approach that in different ways, but the bottom line…

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Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

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What is the Ideal Business? Probably since the inception of Chambers of Commerce, there has been the inevitable annual awards banquet honoring a business of the year, business person of the year, and more recently entrepreneurs of the year. But…