Community Leadership

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Develop Your Leadership Competencies


Program Provides Opportunities for Personal and Professional Growth by Kristin Bakke In researching leadership competency models, you’ll find a consensus of three groups that constitute the “pyramid of leadership” – core competencies, leadership competencies and professional competencies. Essential or core…

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Most Admired Businesspeople: Wes Covell

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It is almost a cliché that “everyone’s busy,” yet there are those rare individuals that make the time to serve their community. One stellar example is Wesley (Wes) Covell, Vice President of Strategy and Chief Growth Officer for Harris Corporation. Somehow he…

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Most Admired Businesspeople: Matt Barringer

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“Matt Barringer has appeared on the business and social scene like a tornado, taking a leadership role in all he participates in. Matt cares about people, cares about North Brevard and cares about Titusville.” That is how Bobby Socks of…

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Gaining Access to the Space Coast’s Finest

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LEAD Brevard Hosts Annual YP Opportunity ACCESS – the ability or right to approach, enter, exit, communicate with, or make use of,” that is LEAD Brevard’s ACCESS 2012, an evening of shared access between existing community leaders and those who…

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Help: When and Where It’s Needed

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Service Leadership Brevard Program by Kristin Bakke Brevard County has been hit hard by the economic recession. The end of the Space Shuttle program, the downturn in the housing market, a loss of more than 20,000 jobs, and a sharp…

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Are You Ready for an Encore?

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Leadership After Retirement By Kristin Bakke People nearing retirement age are often portrayed as counting down the days until they can stop working. However, recent surveys suggest that Baby Boomers are changing that stereotype and are finding ways to stay…

Breast Cancer Stats
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The Haven for Children

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Giving Back What Abuse Took Away The Haven, a safe temporary shelter, offers abused and neglected children the typical things that other children enjoy regularly, e.g. attending school, playing sports, and going to the beach or the movies. Currently housing…

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What? So What? Now What?

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There’s much to Gain by Staying Active with an Organization after Graduation “The What?” is any professional or personal development course, such as Leadership Brevard, in which you have participated.  The “So What?” is now knowing more about yourself, your…

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Retaining Young Professionals

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Understanding ‘Millennials’ in your Workplace “Millennials” – also known as “Generation Y” or “Echo Boomers” – are a workplace mystery to many employers.  Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials offer a wealth of talent and knowledge to organizations and help…