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Michelle Pawling


Michelle Pawling began her career in the financial services industry with a small employee leasing firm.

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Connecting With Clients and the Community

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Connors Wealth Management Bringing Value to Brevard Many high school students in New England dream of attending a college where the campus is bathed in sunshine, shaded by palm trees and students walk to class in shorts and sandals, instead…

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To Retire With Confidence


Have a Plan “As you near retirement age or even within a decade or so, it is time to start doing some serious financial planning,” said Larry Stein, CFA, author of Peace of Mind Investing. “Retiring with confidence is to…

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The Changing Face of Long-Term Care Insurance


Taking the Good With the Bad Managing your record keeping system can be confusing. It is difficult to know what records to keep and for how long. We receive so much information that if we keep everything, the storage and…

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Is Your Spouse Prepared to Make Financial Decisions?

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Learning Financial Proficiency Before It’s Too Late Most couples divide the home responsibilities to play to each other’s strongest skill set. With each couple these responsibilities differ – men may do lawn work and home repairs, while the women handle…