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Bringing the Imaginary to Life


The Harry Potter books and their blockbuster films have riveted multitudes around the world. But for the person with only a casual interest to the most devoted fan, the connection is moved to a whole different level when one is immersed in the story at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.

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BRPH at 50 years


Five Decades of Designing, Building and Imagining When a company cuts its corporate teeth on the design and engineering work for some of the most technically complex and challenging structures in the country, that experience establishes a certain culture and…

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Canaveral Fire Rescue


They are the courageous individuals who often go unnoticed, because they are just ordinary citizens. But ordinary becomes extraordinary when the alarm sounds and the call to leave their job or their family to rescue someone else’s home or business is given.

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Doug Connor Inc.


EXECUTIVES:  Dana Connor, CEO Doug Connor, founder/owner FOUNDED:  1985 LOCATION:  Melbourne WEBSITE:  DCIonsite.com   For 29 years, Doug Connor Inc. (DCI) has ensured the quality, timely and cost effective completion of a wide range of commercial and residential projects. Today,…

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Success … What a RUSH!


RUSH Construction Celebrates 30 Years RUSH Construction, Inc. specializes in taking on the kinds of projects their competitors won’t touch. But what really sets the company apart from the rest is a reputation it has been building for 30 years. Not only…

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The Comeback Kid

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Real Estate Is Finally Bouncing Back by Kristie Penn   The U.S. housing market crash may be remembered much like the Hindenburg disaster – except   the flaming demise of the real estate industry affected almost every American and sent shock…