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Villa Marine


The Villa Marine Hotel was erected in 1912 by W.I. Sweet. Its construction provided a sorely needed boost for Melbourne Beach as a vacation resort.Other resorts north and south of the Villa Marine were, by this time, far surpassing this community in growth, prosperity and…

Cocoa Expo Sports Center
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Renewing Cocoa Expo Sports Center

Business, Development

The Best Is Yet to Come Renewing Cocoa Expo Sports Center by Eric Wright   A rebirth is taking place on the Space Coast, which will bring thousands of visitors every year, generate millions of dollars in tourist revenue and…

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Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Mind


The Power of Brain Training Robert Schwartz defined an entrepreneur as a “visualizer” and an “actualizer.” They can visualize something and, when visualized, they see exactly how to make it happen. As a 25-year veteran teacher, I never really considered myself…

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Timeless Principles For Success Do you find yourself in situations where results are not being produced as quickly as you’d like or the results you’re getting just aren’t good results at all? Of course you’ve been there! We all have….

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The Space Coast or Nebraska?


Not a Difficult Choice for Pharma Chemie by George White Pharma Chemie President and CEO Mark Pieloch has had no trouble recruiting employees to move from its current headquarters in Nebraska to its new operation in Melbourne. Their 35,000 sq. ft….

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Palm Bay


Making Innovation Affordable  by George White Palm Bay is Brevard County’s largest city, not only in population with approximately 101,000 residents, but with an area of over 100 square miles. But there is more to Palm Bay – and its future…

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Florida Tech:


Living Up to its Last Name by Sue DeWerff In 1958, Florida Institute of Technology opened with a goal to provide higher education in technology disciplines for professionals working in the space program. More than 50 years later, the university…

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Creating An IT Titan

Business Technology, Development

ndtArtemis’ Proctor and Soper Make Better Partners than Rivals Back in 1970, the NFL (National Football League) merged with its rival, the AFL (American Football League), and soon passed baseball as the national pastime. Still growing in profitability and popularity…

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KSC is Still Alive and Well


Why We Continue to be the Space Coast by George White In spite of the long-held assumption that the end of the Space Shuttle program would mean mothballs for Kennedy Space Center – and the North Brevard economy – the…