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Cape Canaveral Hospital Turns 50

Business, Leadership

Though it is located in Cocoa Beach, the name Cape Canaveral Hospital (CCH) highlights the industry and the endeavor that would also name this stretch of Florida’s beach the Space Coast. Dr. Joseph Von Thron was the driving force behind the conception,…

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Building For A Banner Season!

Business, Development

Washington Nationals are Finally Positioned to Win By Carl Kotala Well, one thing is for certain when sizing up the Washington Nationals’ chances in 2012 – for the first time since Major League Baseball returned to the nation’s capital in…

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Palm Bay Turns 50 Years Old

Business, Development

And They’ve Scheduled a Facelift! Palm Bay’s future is looking bright – again. As far as I’m aware, that statement has been made at least three times since the city began. What started out 50 years ago as a bedroom…

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May We Have the Envelope, Please?

Business, Development

Brevard Businesses Bring Home Awards For actors, it’s the Emmys and Academy Awards that measure the value of a performance. For Florida businesses, innovation and economic contributions are strengths validated  through a coveted Governor’s Business Diversification Award. Through distinctive community…

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Tim Wakefield: Living The Dream

Business, Leadership

Where Winning Goes Way Beyond Baseball They say that if you filled Boston’s Fenway Park – including every seat, the aisles, the playing field and boundaries – shoulder to shoulder with 10-year-olds, then randomly picked one youngster, those are the…

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Investing in the Future

Business, Development, Talent Pipeline

Internships Help Develop Tomorrow’s Workforce by Lisa deCordova For businesses of all sizes these days, the search to cut costs is an ongoing process in the face of a challenging economic climate.  Over the past few years, one area where…