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It All Adds Up

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Celebrating the Steady Drip of New Jobs A leaky hose can teach us a lot about economic development. Last weekend, I was outside cleaning off the patio, watering my plants and doing a host of other chores.   I left the…

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New Day, New Opportunity

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Leveraging Our Assets as We Redefine There is a secret here in the Space Coast – a hidden treasure, an unpolished jewel.  What’s that secret?  We are intrinsically suited for “green businesses.”  Where else can a company find transportable skills,…

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Certon Software is Soaring

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…and the Sky’s the Limit There are some industries where margins for error simply don’t exist, or as Gene Kranz said in Apollo 13, “Failure is not an option.”  Testing and certifying “safety critical” systems that operate the sophisticated avionics…

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Adapting to Change

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It Takes New Energy Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric, once advised, “Change before you have to.”  In some cases the applicable cliché might be, “Change before it is too late to.”  Harold Wilson, a British Prime Minister…

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BPS Superintendent Hits the Ground Running

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Binggeli Receives Good Grades on First Annual Report Card They have been described as “pretty big shoes” that Brian Binggeli, Ed.D stepped into in July of 2009.  That is when he took over as Superintendent of Brevard Public Schools (BPS)…

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The Business of Travel

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Reviving Travel Agencies by Patty Toppa As in every other industry, travel has had some big changes in the last two decades, which ultimately caused the close of many “brick and mortar” travel agencies. Those that did survive had to…

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Look Who Else is Celebrating 5 Years!

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The web of senior service providers can be confusing to the consumers who need help – even worse so for families and caregivers who are already in “crisis” mode.  As the founder of Senior Partner Care Services, Don Kramer realized…

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Majoring On the Minors

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How the Manatees Build Community in Brevard Gerald Early, the writer and critic, mused about the future in Ken Burns’ PBS series, Baseball, saying, “2000 years from now, America will only be known for three things: the Constitution, jazz music…

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The Point of Purchase

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It’s the Most Critical Stage I am an avid student of consumer buying behavior, going back to when I was a kid. I recall standing in line at the grocery store with my mother, back in the days when generic…