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Working Couples

Business, Management

A Challenge and a Blessing They say that couples that play together, stay together – but what about couples that work together? If you watch the news at all, you may think that marriage and work just don’t mix. Take…

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More than Just NASA

Business, Development

Everyone is a Space Coast Ambassador by Kevin Gholston In the early 1960’s, the Space Race officially began and Cape Canaveral experienced rapid growth. This new industry had national impact and, coupled with Patrick Air Force Base, attracted numerous defense…

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For Some, It Will Be a Happy New Year

Business, Development

Companies Making Their Mark in 2011 Economic uncertainty still abounds across the nation and particularly here on the Space Coast, where the county braces for the much anticipated layoffs at Kennedy Space Center.  Nonetheless, there is still cause for optimism…

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Titusville: This Isn’t the Final Chapter

Business, Development

Where the City is Headed After the Shuttle Titusville residents have long been looking to the east, wondering if another devastating storm – i.e. an economic storm – is coming from the direction of Kennedy Space Center. Many remember 1973-1975…

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Palm Bay: The City on the Move

Business, Development

Positioning Itself for the Future The first ‘Best Practices’ article that I wrote for Spacecoast Business (March 2010) began with my love affair of the state of Florida.  After trekking around the U.S. for eight years, I concluded that the…

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Developing Your Executive Presence

Business, Development

It’s Not Just Who You Are, But How You’re Perceived Executive presence could be the tipping point for being selected, or not, for that prized job, assignment or promotion you have had your eye on.  An impeccable track record and…

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The Cuban Connection

Business, Development

The Undaunted Pursuit of the American Dream Despite differences in age and gender, the common thread that unites many in Brevard’s Cuban business community are the sacrifices either witnessed or experienced firsthand to flee persecution and find freedom. Nostalgia aside,…

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Working Together to Mend our Economy

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Working Together to Mend our Economy Using the Resources of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act As you may recall, LEAD Brevard has been focusing on the five general capacity building areas for grassroots Community Benefit Organizations (CBO) also known…