Economic Development

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Brevard Stories of Impact


Uncovering the Best in our Business Community When I first became involved with the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast many years ago, I thought I knew what this organization did. But in the years since, as I became…

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A View from 30,000 Feet


Home to a “live, work and play” environment that is the envy of the world, Central Florida is known internationally as one of the greatest tourist, convention and beach destinations in the world.

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Reaching New Heights


Space Coast Economy Launches Again Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast President and CEO Lynda Weatherman listened patiently as the two consultants intently discussed the physics and engineering challenges of a manned deep space vehicle. Admiring their breadth of…

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Knocking it Out of the Park


How the Sports Industry Impacts Our Economy Florida is known for its tourism, given our favorable year-round climate and abundance of attractions, but the sports industry is hitting a home run in more ways than one. Thought almost universally as…

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Making Central Florida the Winner


Sporting Events Are Economic Drivers Economic development is the sustained, concerted actions of policymakers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area. Economic development through sports is no different. Executed slightly differently than…

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Medical Innovation Means Economic Growth


The Power of Advancement Next time you’re tempted to reach for that bottle of aspirin in the medicine cabinet, consider this. A new remote controlled, electronic stimulating device implanted into your gums may very well cure your next headache and…

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Indian River Lagoon


Important to Our Community, Our Identity, Our Economy You don’t have to be a fisherman, boater, ecotourism enthusiast or avid kayaker to appreciate the Indian River Lagoon. You need merely to be a citizen of the Space Coast. Our constant…

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Ad Valorem Tax Abatement


A Sound Investment for our Community and our Economy  The definition of a sound investment is one that yields a positive return with minimal risk. This describes the Ad Valorem Tax Abatement program. Among the best, most proactive economic development…

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Women Achievers in a Competitive Market


It’s About Performance and Opportunity, Not Quotas The path to the executive suite is an arduous one. Traveling it successfully takes tenacity, intelligence, vision, skill and maybe even a bit of luck. None of those attributes are gender specific. But…

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Economic Gardening


Ripening the Entrepreneurial Playing Field The Women’s Business Center (WBC) at Florida Tech is a community organization that supports new and established businesses by providing business owners with the support and training needed to generate profitable growth and sustainability to…