Economic Development

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Challenging Times Lead to Creative Thinking

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Finding Detours around Credit Roadblocks by Dana Kilborne Organizations across the county are working to spur job growth by enticing innovative companies to consider the Space Coast and by guiding existing companies through the expansion process.  Before the 2008 economic…

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Behind Every Great Celebration Is Collaboration

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Leveraging the Collective Assets for Big Payoffs by Robert Whelen During February’s grand opening ceremony for Embraer’s new production facility at Melbourne International Airport, elected officials saluted, business leaders applauded, ribbons were cut and history was made.  For the many…

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Will You Reap the Benefits of Research & Experimentation?

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These Credits May Mean Big Tax Savings As a business leader, you have probably heard of the Research and Experimentation (R&E) tax credit.  This dollar-for-dollar reduction of tax could mean thousands of dollars saved for your business.  Traditionally, manufacturers, engineers,…

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Measuring Florida Tech’s Economic Impact

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What is the Difference a World Class University Makes? by Robert Niebuhr What are the advantages of having an institute of higher learning in our backyard?  There are obvious, straight-forward impacts that can quickly be listed – the university payroll…

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Telling Our Story, Our Way

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Why We Need a United Voice In the media, there are often two choices: you can either let the story tell itself or get proactive and craft a targeted message. Public relations practitioners have been doing it for ages and…

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Improve Your Company…

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and Contribute to Our Community’s Well-Being To succeed in business, you have to remember where you come from. Our success story in Brevard County has been built from equal parts responsible growth, intuitive leadership, early technology adoption and deep community…

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Innovation Starts at Home

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Raising Our Profile on the Global Screen Throughout history, some of the greatest success stories to come from corporate America have been written by executives who have made bold decisions to become the first in their field to adopt new,…

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It’s Your Business’ Lifeblood

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Better Cash Flow Forecasting Supports Growth Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company. In an economic environment where external capital may be hard to come by the right level of liquidity is particularly vital for growth. It can help…

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The Entrepreneurial Journey

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Starting with an Idea, a Prayer and a Plan So you want to own your own business?  I am often asked how we were able to build a successful company that is excelling in the most uncertain of economic times….