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Hospitality Leaders Working Together

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Space Coast Restaurant & Lodging Association Brevard County is retooling for change. With the economic downturn and dollars spent from visitors on the decline, the local tourism industry is looking to accentuate the positive aspects of the area and focus…

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The New Post-Shuttle Entrepreneurs

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For Them, the Sky Is the Limit For many, the economic Hiroshima fell (or should we say was launched?) on July 8, 2011 when the last Space Shuttle soared into the sky from Kennedy Space Center.  Predictions are that some…

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Breathing Life into Local Economy

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Airon Corporation named a ‘Company to Watch’ Eric Gjerde, president & CEO of Airon Corporation, credits his father, work experience with multinational companies and local resources for his success as an entrepreneur. Privately-owned and headquartered in Melbourne since 1997, Arion…

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Cornelius Electrical Contractors

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Making the Connection in Customer Service Michael Cornelius started his electrical contracting business in 2005 when a series of hurricanes devastated the area and the need for all types of new construction and repair was peaking.  But he credits his…

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Mike Means Entrepreneur of the Year

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For some entrepreneurs the concept of “all in” means leveraging all your personal assets – e.g. your home and retirement savings – to finance your dream business.  Unfortunately, too many would-be entrepreneurs have seen their fortunes, and their futures, flushed…

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‘Entrepreneurs Make America Great’

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Andy Smith to Speak at Simpkins Seminar Back in 1982, when Andy Smith graduated from college, interest rates climbed to over 20 percent and the economy seemed like an airplane in a stall.  For many the outlook was abysmal, but…

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What Is Your Plan B?

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The Real Deal about Starting Your Own Business The good news is that starting a business has never been easier. The Internet has made local and global reach easy and instantly available to those who know how to tap into…