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Age is Just a Number


  Business Incubators and Entrepreneurship Programs Inspiring a New Generation by Allysar Hassan An idea can be like an unplanted seed; its potential lies dormant. But an entrepreneurial spirit acts on ideas and what starts out as a small seed…

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The Engine of Entrepreneurialism

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Seed Stage Capital Fund to Keep Best Ideas Moving Forward Fueling “what’s next” on the Space Coast is how Mark Mohler describes LaunchPad40. Far from seeing a charred landscape left by defense cutbacks and the end of the Shuttle era,…

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Appliance Direct’s Sam Pak

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An American Entrepreneur by Eric Wright   His TV commercials may cause you to fumble for your remote, but his image is indelibly connected, in the minds of Central Florida consumers, to quality appliances at the lowest possible prices… and…

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Looking to Start Your Own Enterprise?

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‘Biz Launch’ Readies Would-Be Entrepreneurs by Lisa Rice   As the economic driver of the 21st century, entrepreneurs and small businesses are keys to the workforce development system.  In response to our changing local economic climate, the U.S. Department of…

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Contents – Sep 2012


SpaceCoast Business SEPTEMBER 2012 ● VOLUME 7 ● NUMBER 6 FEATURES Mike Williams Entrepreneur of the Year   Tom Wienckoski Things Keep Coming Up Roses   John Walden Visualizing Success   Charley Richards Keeping It ‘Absolutely Natural’   Larry Ciaccia…

Are You Nuts? by Dawn Gluskin Published in SpaceCoast Business Magazine
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Are You Nuts?


It Takes a Little Crazy to be an Entrepreneur When considering the common make-up of a successful entrepreneur, all of the important “textbook” qualities come to mind: vision, passion, leadership, perseverance. There’s no denying any of these traits. But truth be…

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Woman Vet Makes the Transition


Finding Success in Franchising by Alice Guilford At age 23, I joined the U.S. Air Force, where I spent the next six years servicing ground equipment and then as a Student Training Advisor.  After leaving the military, I continued to…

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Mike Means Entrepreneur of the Year

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For some entrepreneurs the concept of “all in” means leveraging all your personal assets – e.g. your home and retirement savings – to finance your dream business.  Unfortunately, too many would-be entrepreneurs have seen their fortunes, and their futures, flushed…

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Diversification is the Key

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Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Success I am a self-described “accidental entrepreneur.”  It was never my intention to start and grow a business when I incorporated Craig Technologies in 1999.  I only did so because a friend recommended it, “just in case.” …