Family Business

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Family Business and Divorce


It Can Be Complicated Family businesses are everywhere in Central Florida. Many of these family-operated ventures were forged out of the blood, sweat and tears of tenacious couples who shared a common dream. Other enterprises existed well before marriage, but…

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Passion Is Key

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Duo Continues Family’s Restaurant Tradition When David Dashi was trying to choose a name for his first Italian restaurant, he sought out the advice of his father, who suggested he use something that had to do with the word “friend.”…

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Building Together From The Ground Up

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Caprittas Find Perfect Balance Between Work and Home Lives When Michele Capritta thinks of small businesses she pictures the two owners yelling at each other all the time, while their poor employees have no choice but to sit and listen…

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Writing The Program For A Working Relationship

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Husband/Wife Team Lead Software Solutions Company Working together for the first time has brought about a whole new dynamic in the lives of Burton and Jennifer Toole, owners of Amovius LLC, a software solutions company in Melbourne. “You really don’t…

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Fueling A Successful Business…

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Starting with a Great Family When they opened their first gas station in Cocoa in 1980, there was one word Mike and Rashmi Shah refused to consider: “Failure.” So they worked … and worked … and worked. For 4½ years…

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I’m Sleeping With The Boss!

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and Other Issues in a Family-Owned Business One of the most famous lines from Francis Ford Coppola’s classic movie, “The Godfather,” was delivered by the raspy voice of actor Marlon Brando playing Don Corleone: “It isn’t personal, it’s business.” Well,…

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Sorelli Hair Studio & Spa

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It’s All about ‘Famiglia’ Sisters Grace Ruano and Rose Cally began Sorelli Hair Studio & Spa with just three stylists and a six-month timeline “to see what happened.”  Through word-of-mouth and a following of loyal clients, the salon needed to…

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Too Sweet to Resist

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Grimaldi Candies Lures Couple from Retirement After 24 years of growing a successful printing company from scratch, Phil and Jamie Holtje decided to move from Wisconsin to Florida and retire. Retire … yeah, that’s a good one! Eight months later,…