Health care

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Health Care is All About “Improving Quality of Life”


New Health First Health Plans CEO Ready to Serve Recognized within the health care insurance community as a skilled strategist with exceptional business acumen, Ed Griese is using his expertise and unique perspective to improve quality of life for every…

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Controlling Your Company’s Health Care Costs


What benefits do you offer?” Nearly every competitive business owner has been asked that question when attempting to attract high-caliber employees. No doubt, one of the biggest challenges of business owners – especially small business owners – is not only…

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Nemours Children’s Hospital

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Designed by Families for Families by Sue DeWerff   An array of eight colorful mood enhancing lights shine through the windows by night from the patient rooms of Central Florida’s newest seven-story pediatric facility, Nemours Children’s Hospital.  They not only…

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Choosing a Health Insurance Provider

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Employees and Employers Benefit from High Quality Plans by Lisa Slattery   In today’s economy, it’s natural for employers to compare health insurance options based on premiums alone.  Unfortunately, if benefits, network, customer service and quality ratings are not considered,…

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Home Field Advantage

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Health First Health Plans offers Medicare Advantage Plans with a Targeted Focus on Brevard County Seniors The Pew Research Center estimates that each day 10,000 Baby Boomers celebrate their 65th birthday and become eligible to receive Medicare.  Considering this overwhelming…