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Sports Medicine


Maximizing Function and Minimizing Injuries Whatever sport is your favorite, staying healthy and on top of your game takes time and dedication, and the unfortunate truth is injuries are a common part of almost every sport. Even if you’re not…

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Medicare 101


Choosing What’s Best for You Whether you’re in the thick of it or far removed, Medicare touches your life in big and small ways. It affects all of us at some point. Often it’s hard to grasp even the basics,…

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Health Care is All About “Improving Quality of Life”


New Health First Health Plans CEO Ready to Serve Recognized within the health care insurance community as a skilled strategist with exceptional business acumen, Ed Griese is using his expertise and unique perspective to improve quality of life for every…

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Kelly Breedlove

Profiles, Women in Business

Kelly Breedlove Kelly Breedlove has dedicated more than 30 years to the health field and currently serves as vice president of nursing at Health First, Holmes Regional Medical Center. In this position she has oversight responsibility for all nursing practice…

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Anita Saluja

Profiles, Women in Business

Anita Saluja Originally from Sault St. Marie, Michigan, Dr. Anita Saluja completed her college education as a 15-year-old with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Dr. Saluja earned her medical degree from the University of Michigan and spent three additional years…

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The Ins and Outs of Medicare


Health First Offers Numerous Plans to Meet Every Need If you’re nearing retirement age, or perhaps find yourself in a situation where you’re providing care or advice to a senior citizen, one of the biggest issues you’re going to have…