Jeff Piersall

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Celebrating America


As we gather with family and friends to celebrate the Fourth of July it is important to remember how recent this American experiment is on the historic landscape.

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How Moms Influence Entrepreneurs


What is it about moms? They have an incredible way of creating accountability standards by which we measure success. It’s like the old southern saying: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Great men and women understand the truth of that statement.

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How to Benefit from Change


The leadership virtues of cooperation, collaboration, competition and character are being challenged by the transportation sector of the Central Florida region.

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Goals for the New Year

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Five Ingredients for Success What will the New Year bring? Will you determine your success or will you be the victim of the distractions of life and miss your destination? You are either driving toward your destination or being moved…

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Who’s in the Mirror?


If you really want to understand the difference between dependency and independency, study the society and culture of two cities that are 150 miles apart: Grand Rapids and Detroit, Mich.

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Common Sense


Where Did It Go? “These are the times that try men’s souls,” so said Thomas Paine, in Common Sense, probably the most influential pamphlet in American history. Published anonymously in January 1776, its author, Thomas Paine, in clear and simple language…

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit


Without people sharing the entrepreneurial spirit, the entrepreneur is just a “lone wolf” who will eventually run off the cliff chasing the proverbial wild rabbit.