Jeff Piersall

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The Power of Discernment


Determining the Difference in Truth In an age where information is free, we must learn to prioritize and respond to the proper and most critical of issues. More importantly, we must be able to discern what information is true or…

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Defining Independence


How to Truly Serve the People It is said that he who controls history will control the future.  Why do we celebrate Independence Day? Because we do not like “Dependence Day.”  Independence is defined as freedom from the control, influence,…

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Cooperation and Collaboration


Advancing to Prosperity Leadership inspires and moves others to action. Cooperation is not about who is right but what is right. It is doing the right thing at the sacrifice of one’s personal agenda. Collaboration involves competitors working together for…

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Who is the Person Behind the Mask?


The True Measure of a Leader Warren Buffett once said, “You don’t know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out.” He was referring to individuals and their financial stability during tough times, but you can also make the…

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Weathering the Storms of Life


How to Bring Good from Every Situation   “April showers bring May flowers.” The origin of this classic saying dates back to the 1500s when Thomas Tusser wrote the poem: Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers. The underlying message…

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Endurance to Succeed


It Takes Character to Endure the Climb Necessary to Achieve Your Dreams When asked the first requirement for success, Thomas Edison replied, “the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.” A.L. Williams, the…

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A Crisis of Leadership


The C-Level Practices of True Leaders Our nation is in the midst of a severe leadership crisis. At a time when leadership is needed the most, our society’s ability to produce or follow sound leadership is waning. Maybe it is…

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The Five Fundamentals of Success


How to Get You Where You Want to Go There are thousands of books and hundreds of motivational speakers that can describe a formula for success. When you whittle them all down to the basics, these five just seem to…

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Purpose – Poverty – Prosperity


How can three words be so simple in definition yet so misunderstood? Interestingly, your attitude toward their meaning will make a tremendous difference in the results you achieve. Entrepreneurs tend to “get it” in this regard, and they set an…