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Goals for the New Year

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Five Ingredients for Success What will the New Year bring? Will you determine your success or will you be the victim of the distractions of life and miss your destination? You are either driving toward your destination or being moved…

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Breaking the Barriers


In a recent study conducted by the Conference Executive Board, the lack of global leadership candidates was identified as the top barrier to the expansion of international business.

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Who’s in the Mirror?


If you really want to understand the difference between dependency and independency, study the society and culture of two cities that are 150 miles apart: Grand Rapids and Detroit, Mich.

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit


Without people sharing the entrepreneurial spirit, the entrepreneur is just a “lone wolf” who will eventually run off the cliff chasing the proverbial wild rabbit.

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The Power of Discernment


Determining the Difference in Truth In an age where information is free, we must learn to prioritize and respond to the proper and most critical of issues. More importantly, we must be able to discern what information is true or…

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The Cost of Collaboration


Taking the Risk to Achieve the Extraordinary By Eric Wright There is one key ingredient in all monumental undertakings – the willingness to take risks. As John Paul Jones said, “It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and…

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How to Coach Employees to Success

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Going Beyond the Annual Review When it comes to coaching employees, it is easy to leave them alone as long as they are staying on track and exhibiting positive work performance. This follows the popular adage, “If it ain’t broke,…

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Who is the Person Behind the Mask?


The True Measure of a Leader Warren Buffett once said, “You don’t know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out.” He was referring to individuals and their financial stability during tough times, but you can also make the…

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Endurance to Succeed


It Takes Character to Endure the Climb Necessary to Achieve Your Dreams When asked the first requirement for success, Thomas Edison replied, “the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.” A.L. Williams, the…