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Employees and Inventorship


Getting it Right Inventorship in a patent application is a typically tertiary concern that receives little attention in the drafting process and can seem unimportant to the uninitiated. However, the consequences of making an error with regard to inventorship can…

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Understanding Changes in Patent Laws

Legal Professionals, Profiles

Protect Your Intellectual Property Before It’s Too Patent reform is a hot topic in intellectual property law these days. The America Invents Act was recently passed into law and the provisions of this legislation have been going into effect over…

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Creating Retirement Wealth

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Your Business’s Intellectual Property May Be Its Greatest Asset by Kelly Swartz Many small business owners facing retirement are also faced with the decision of whether or not to sell the business. While this decision presents different struggles for every…

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Ideas and Entrepreneurs

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What They Need to Know about Intellectual Property Every successful business starts with a business plan.  Some plans are written down, details are carefully thought out, and decisions are deliberated at length.  Other plans are more fluid and may exist…

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Are You Ready for the Storms?

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How to Mitigate Your Legal Risks by David Volk Thomas Jefferson said, “The art of life is the art of avoiding pain; and he is the best pilot, who steers clearest of the rocks and shoals with which it is…

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Growing Constitutional Defenders

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Bar Association Invests In the Next Generation The Brevard County Bar Association is proud to sponsor several programs to help students in Brevard County schools develop a better understanding of the role of law in our society. The Justice Teaching…

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Avoiding Legal Problems Down the Road

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Hire an Attorney Before You Need One The single biggest mistake most businesses make in retaining an attorney is waiting until a serious legal problem develops.  As a result, resolving the problem may be significantly more time consuming and expensive. …