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How to Coach Employees to Success

Leadership, Management

Going Beyond the Annual Review When it comes to coaching employees, it is easy to leave them alone as long as they are staying on track and exhibiting positive work performance. This follows the popular adage, “If it ain’t broke,…

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Who Is That Masked Man?


Detecting the Impression Managers A scorpion approached the riverbank, saw a frog and asked, “May I have a ride to the other side?” The frog said, “No, you are a scorpion and you will sting and kill me.” The scorpion…

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The Fortunate Fall


On a personal level and in global economics, oftentimes what appears to be a setback or a loss, when properly understood, paves the way for the most promising opportunities.  Jeff Piersall and Josh Field, the founders of SCB Marketing, launched…

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How to Prevent Identity Theft After You Die


Identity theft is one of the biggest threats plaguing our security, even after death. Thieves are taking advantage of vulnerable older residents and the indefensible deceased by accessing their personal identifiable information (PII). Fraudsters can access PII through a variety…

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Learn to Set the RIGHT Goal


…and Watch Your Business Transform In thinking back over the last 28 years of my professional life, I counted over 20 different businesses that I’ve been involved in, either as an employee, consultant, or owner. I was shocked that I…

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Building for Tomorrow

Business, Management, Talent Pipeline

Leadership Development through Mentoring The global economic downturn that has adversely impacted businesses in the United States during the past few years has raised concern over the many new challenges facing leaders. As businesses expand globally and compete internationally, leadership…