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Profile: Black Tie Digital Marketing

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Location:Viera Executives: Scott Brazdo, CEO and Steve Buck, President Website: BlackTieDigital.com Description: Black Tie Digital Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency providing website design, blogging, social media, logo design, search engine optimization, web advertising, video production, and graphic design – in essence…

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A Website that Can’t Be Found…

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…is Like a Billboard in the Desert by Steve Buck   You’ve done it!  After what felt like an eternity of going through every detail to create the perfect billboard design, it is now complete.  The sign will portray instantaneously…

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How to Build a Great Business Website

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5 Must-Have Tips for Online Effectiveness by Scott Brazdo   Building a great business website is not an easy task, even for the most seasoned veterans of the trade.  The reason for this is there are so many moving pieces…

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Building For A Banner Season!

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Washington Nationals are Finally Positioned to Win By Carl Kotala Well, one thing is for certain when sizing up the Washington Nationals’ chances in 2012 – for the first time since Major League Baseball returned to the nation’s capital in…

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Keys to Branding

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Creating Distinction and Awareness by Dick Baumbach Value Proposition.  Brandstorming.  Value Pushing.  Brand Extension.  Brand Value.  These are five of the ‘Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords’ you can expect to hear in 2011.  All of them relate to an overarching term…

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Why Do Some Media Reps Lie?

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Sifting Through the Bulls**t It’s amazing what some people will say to make a sale.  In the media business, quantitative analysis – e.g. number of readers, viewers or listeners; audience demographics; cost per thousand target audience – are typical metrics…

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Applying Peter Drucker’s Management Principles

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How Network Marketing Succeeds Using His Concepts The fact is truths are truths regardless of where you find them.  Business leaders have listened to legendary management guru, Peter Drucker, for decades.  But to suggest that network marketing is an effective…

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Wuesthoff’s Johnette Gindling

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by Debbie Shannon Johnette Gindling’s father died when she was 13 leaving her mother to rear five daughters.  The family bonded deeply, supporting one another but times were tough. “My mom didn’t work and I thought, ‘you have to be…

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Technology Changing Today’s Media Landscape

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Paradoxically, the more things change the more marketing remains the same.  Regardless of the myriad of transformations affecting the marketing environment – e.g. demographic trends, economic cycles, product innovation, and technological advancements – the core of the discipline remains constant. …