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Anthony R. Jicha, P.E.

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RUSH Construction, Project Manager Anthony “Bobby” Jicha began his professional career at RUSH Construction, Inc. (RUSH) in May 2009. He has been a part of the RUSH team since November 2006, working as a project intern while finishing classes for…

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YMCA of Central Florida


More Than Just a Place Obesity is on the rise; 97 percent of Americans don’t exercise regularly, and 10 percent of adults in Central Florida are diagnosed with diabetes. Though this sets the country and region up for a great…

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RUSH Construction Completes Three MRI projects Within Two Weeks of Each Other

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RUSH Construction, Inc. (RUSH) just wrapped up three different MRI projects, all within the past two weeks. While all three projects involved MRI equipment, each presented its own challenges and was remarkable in its own right, involving three different equipment vendors and delivery methods: Parrish Medical Center’s Diagnostic…

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Medical Construction on the Rise

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Local Projects Bring Booming Economy By Patrick Peterson While everyone believes tourism is the biggest part of Central Florida’s economy, a new sector has claimed a big part of the future. Health care construction projects are widespread and are expected…

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Success … What a RUSH!


RUSH Construction Celebrates 30 Years RUSH Construction, Inc. specializes in taking on the kinds of projects their competitors won’t touch. But what really sets the company apart from the rest is a reputation it has been building for 30 years. Not only…