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Satcom Direct

Business, Development

Seamless Service for Corporate Aviation Growing up on a Wisconsin farm, a career overseeing a leading high-tech satellite communications company may have seemed like a long shot for Jim Jensen.  However, a combination of hark work, honesty and confidence in…

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Lighting Science Group

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Birthing a New Era of Enlightenment What invention epitomizes the dawning of the modern age more than Edison’s famous light bulb?  It is the obvious choice, since there is a direct correlation between economic and cultural advancement and the availability…

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Fueling Growth with Renewable Energy

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It’s Time for Florida to Seize the Initiative Florida has a near-term opportunity for significant economic gains and increased employment by fostering a competitive environment to grow an industry cluster in renewable energy.  While this article pertains to all forms…

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Finding Your Fit

Business, Development

By Steve Smith  In Affordable Software Technology My clothes never fit just right.  The sleeves are too long, the instep too roomy, or [these days] the waistband too tight.  Artisans do exist who can tailor my shirts, my suits, my…

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Small Business Technology

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It’s All Part of the Plan It may not be intuitive to some small business owners, but the best way to begin the design of a small business network is with a thorough review of the company’s business plan.  Without…