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O, Cicero


How Right You Were Solomon, the philosopher king, said over 2,500 years ago, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Of course we have new technology, new approaches to problems, as well as new problems to solve, but the human…

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The Fortunate Fall


On a personal level and in global economics, oftentimes what appears to be a setback or a loss, when properly understood, paves the way for the most promising opportunities.  Jeff Piersall and Josh Field, the founders of SCB Marketing, launched…

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Take the Time or It Will Take All Day


  If there is a married man or a guy with a “significant other” who has never experienced the following, I would like to secure his services as my “life coach.” Here is the scenario: You are on your way…

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After the Parade Passes By

Business, Leadership

Recognizing and Seizing Opportunities by Eric Wright   Michelangelo, the Renaissance master whose works bring the same awe to viewers today as when they were unveiled over 500 years ago, once said,  “The greater danger for most of us lies…

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Hearing the Whisper of Tradition

Business, Leadership

Don’t Miss the Treasure Hidden In the Season by Eric Wright Our modern culture often criticizes traditions, especially when the meaning or purpose behind the tradition gets lost.  Once a new rabbi came to a synagogue where the people were…

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The Secret Life of Bees

Business, Leadership

VALUES   The Secret Life of Bees Learning the Dance of Cooperation by Eric Wright   Being in the magazine trade, I tend to peruse every publication I come across for graphic quality, editorial content, even feel and texture.  Then…

You Don't Create an Edge by Eric Wright
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You Don’t Create an Edge


Creativity Is the Edge Next to courage, the most essential ingredient in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit has to be creativity. We have a myriad of terms for it – innovation, originality, ingenuity, thinking outside of the box, etc. – but…

You Don't Create an Edge by Eric Wright
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Caught In the Current


Wisdom Isn’t Always Knowing Why At times, circumstances strike you like an earthquake, followed by a tsunami. It can be an illness, a job loss, a market reversal, or a divorce. These anomalies respect neither age, nor intelligence or position….

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Friends, the Salt of Life


Why They Make It All Worthwhile by Eric Wright Howard Hughes was one of the most interesting and financially successful men of his generation.  At 19, he won a legal battle to control the estate left to him by his…

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Testing Your ‘Excellence Quotient’


Pursuing That Which Defines Quality by Eric Wright As a freshman in Psych 101, I saw an intriguing film about a test that psychologists had developed to determine a person’s “Need for Achievement.”  The test demonstrated how certain individuals possessed…