The Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront has become synonymous with a high-quality assured hotel visit. Reflecting the beautiful Brevard skies are the glassy exterior and the signature red “H” which are impossible to miss while driving along North Atlantic Avenue.
This location has provided a stress-free getaway since its opening in 1986. The most fascinating mark of this hotel’s history is the plethora of amazing guests the hotel has hosted over the last thirty years.

John Read, director of sales at Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, is no stranger to the area and the visitors it attracts. Brevard and hospitality course like oxygen through Read’s veins. The Director of Sales grew up across the avenue from the hotel, surfing Lori Wilson as his home break. Local events such as the 34th annual National Kidney Foundation Pro/Am Surf Contest (this August 30th to September 2nd) drive business to the hotel and Cocoa Beach community. On weekdays, Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront is a very popular stay for aerospace industry travelers, and it has naturally become a staple with leisure vacationers longing for our beaches all year long. Loyalty to the brand shows, with approximately 65% of guests belonging to the Hilton Honors club.

The cruise-going population of Port Canaveral is a tremendous source of guests for the hotel. Read is already acquainted with these visitors, as he began his professional career with The Big Red Boat, which was the first cruise line to set sail out of Port Canaveral in 1985. Cruise goers often stay at the front and tail end of their trips, making sure that Cocoa Beach leaves a stamp on their lifelong memories.

Read reflects upon the last Space Shuttle mission with nostalgia and anticipates the return of manned space flight to the community within the next couple of years. Read has been with the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront since 2002, witnessing the tail-end of the epic shuttle-era. Nearly a decade ago, the last manned mission to space took place right within sight from the hotel. Read recalls, “The number of people that came into our community to see that last space shuttle launch was unbelievable! I remember hearing from a lot of people that the drive back to Orlando took several hours due to the millions of tourists!” The gravitational effect of manned-space flight to the Cocoa Beach area is sure to make the Hilton a main-stay for awe-filled eyes from all across the world. Read predicts that “when manned launches start again, it’s going to be huge for the community.”

Online reviews across the board rave about the fantastic staff anyone would find at the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront. Read accredits their exceptionality to glowing top-down leadership and a prerequisite orientation wherein new staff-members participate in a full eight-hour day worth of education on what it truly means to be hospitable.

Read describes the training as “a course in empathetic understanding of the customers and how to ultimately make things right for them.”

You can also catch non-guests and happy locals enjoying hotel dining. Inside the Hilton is a fantastic upscale restaurant that serves fresh seafood and sizzling steaks. By the pool is Longboard’s Tiki Beach Grill. Venture a little closer to the beach along the boardwalk and you’ll find the recently opened Castaway Beach Bar, which is code for a little 600 square-foot breeze-filled and view-heavy outpost for a good time.

The Hilton is run by people like Read who care an awful lot about making your stay as heavenly as possible. With 295 guest rooms, 10,000 square feet of meeting space and countless amenities under the sun, the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront is ready for you. Call (321) 799-0344 or visit their website to learn more or make a reservation for your next getaway today!