When to Outsource

Today, businesses are faced with an array of different obstacles that must be maneuvered to keep the customer satisfied and continue generating revenue. These obstacles range from internal management to maintaining a well-tested cybersecurity network. It can be very hard to manage all aspects of running an organization and letting nothing slip through the cracks.

With limited employees and resources, it’s crucial to determine what’s a priority and what is not. The IT department is high on this list of priorities, but unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the time and money to dedicate towards monitoring networks.

The digital threat landscape is continually growing and evolving, and these threats now have the capability to dramatically affect businesses, sometimes taking down whole operations. For this reason, business owners should consider having an outsourced IT company manage their network. Fully managed IT services impact businesses in astounding ways that include improving emergency response times, taking IT security to another level, and best of all, save the organization time and money.

Improved Response Time & Agility

As mentioned above, it can be hard for business owners to prioritize things with limited resources. Let’s say that your business was impacted by the recent Google “Zero-Day” exploit, and it’s halted your day-to-day operations. Are you going to tackle this obstacle in-house with hopes to limit downtime and not waste money? Maybe, but imagine if you had a team that worked alongside your business who had the knowledge to respond quickly and more effectively. That’s the impact of having an outsourced IT company providing fully managed IT services. Professional managed service providers are solely there to implement proactive security measures, monitor your network, and take immediate action if something were to happen.

Enhanced IT Security

Staying proactive against the cybersecurity threat landscape can be exhausting when businesses have so many other facets to manage on a day-to-day basis. This is very hard to tackle alone and would require quite a bit of learning on the go. The primary focus of a managed IT service provider is to allow businesses to focus on what they do best while they handle the rest. The rest includes actively monitoring and optimizing the business’s network, as well as maintaining a consistent line of communication with business owners/managers to notify them where improvements can be made. Having a dedicated team that focuses on your IT security around-the-clock dramatically reduces the chances of falling victim to new threats.

Reduced Costs & Saved Time

Every business focuses on how to effectively utilize their time and maximize revenue. For this reason, why would any business attempt to tackle obstacles that they were not 100% confident or proficient in? Let’s use the previous example of the Google

“Zero-Day” exploit and imagine that all your operations have been brought to a halt. Having your own employees sit around and attempt to fix the issue is simply not an efficient or cost-effective way to handle the situation. Instead of having employees attempt to fix an extremely difficult security threat, wouldn’t it be easier to have a team of professionals remediate the issue in a fraction of the time? Not to say that business owners shouldn’t trust their employees with a similar task, but in order to restore networks and begin working properly again, your safest bet would be trusting a professional IT service provider. The overall goal for outsourced IT management is to reduce time spent and save money when emergencies occur.

All-in-all, fully managed IT service providers can have a dramatically beneficial impact on any business. From improving response times and maintaining agility to enhancing security measures, an outsourced IT company should align their strategic goals with the business that they’re working with. When the two organizations have the same goal in mind, the impact can reduce the costs associated with monitoring and managing a network and in turn save time when compared to handling these obstacles alone.

Corey Johnson
Founder & Director at

Corey Johnson is the Founder & Director of Technology with Creative Network Innovations. Corey is an industry recognized professional that founded CNI on the idea of providing IT solutions in a new, evolved manner. He strives to educate the Space Coast about the importance of the relationship between technology and your business.