Picture the life you know you are capable of living. Imagine having the knowledge, skills and attitudes, along with the right connections, the right opportunities….
Living those dreams is closer than you think.

Many years ago, I had a notion about the world and how it worked. This idea evolved into what I’ve called The Theory of 5, and it’s enhanced my life and the lives of many others in ways I couldn’t have imagined when this philosophy first formed. It is built on one simple idea: in this world, we are never alone. We are shaped by the people around us, just as we influence them.

Our Circles
Most parents have focused on the influence of their children’s friends, and that’s because they clearly understood that our children are either positively or negatively influenced by those with whom they surround themselves. We want them to spend time with positive people, versus children who are negative, angry and in constant trouble.

The fact is that the same holds true for us as adults. Studies show that we tend to be the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time — our spouses, co-workers, family and friends. Our income, happiness, health and more are directly molded by these relationships.

The first step of living a Theory of 5 life is making the decision to build a positive circle around us. This circle is made up of mentors, role models and friends in the five areas of our life that will have the most impact on who we are and who we will become. These people will guide, coach and challenge us in ways that build the skills, habits, actions, attitudes and behaviors we need to reach our full potential.

I’ve also learned that those who have achieved success and have years of experience and wisdom are often more than happy to guide someone who comes to them with an open attitude and a willing heart, ready to put in the effort. Many times, all we have to do is ask.
But what if we can’t find someone we’d like to emulate in some facet of our life? There’s never been a better time to find helpful guides. Through online courses, videos, blogs, podcasts, social media, books and other methods, we can find the right mentors and role models. We may never meet them, and they may never know what they provided for us; our lives, however, will be richer because of them.

Areas for Growth
As we developed this idea, my mentors and I have discovered five key areas critical to our personal growth, business success and life goals. Our Theory of 5 research has found the happiest, most prosperous people focus on excelling in the areas of:

Spirituality and Religion — Whatever our religious or spiritual convictions, it’s important to have a framework to deal with life’s inevitable ups and downs.
Marriage/Relationship — Our life partner can be our greatest asset or our worst nightmare.
Parenting — Our children — along with our nieces, nephews and others who will learn from us — are our legacy. Helping them grow and prosper makes us better adults.
Business and Finance — A rewarding career and freedom from money woes enriches all areas of our lives.
Health and Fitness — Success in other areas can be worthless if we don’t have and maintain our health.

These are in no particular order, and our priorities will change during our life, based on the challenges we are facing at any given moment. Learning to excel in all these areas, though, is essential in reaching our full potential.

As we grow in our capabilities, it will be time to mentor someone coming up behind us. We’ll learn from this part of the journey, as well; guiding someone else motivates us to “walk the talk” and stay true to the lessons we’ve learned.

The Time is Now
Our dreams can become our reality, but only if we take the action necessary to bring them to life. There are unlimited opportunities out there waiting for us — we just have to surround ourselves with the right people to walk with us along the way.

The Theory of 5 and The Theory of 5 Workbook are available at theoryof5.com, as well as Amazon and many other online stores.